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Advantages of consuming organic food

Last week was celebrated the day of health, here we present the benefits that organic products bring us

First we define organic products those foods that are grown and produced naturally, and that during this process do not alter ecosystems or put at risk the balance of environments.

For its elaboration, no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers are used for its cultivation or conservation.

The most common organic products are vegetables, vegetables, bread, fruits, meats… but in Linverd we go further we get to cover the complete purchase of your day to day

Once this premise is established, let’s see some of the advantages of consuming organic food:

  • Have higher nutritional values

Nutrition experts say that organic foods have greater nutritional value and do not pose any risk to our health.

  • They are healthier. 

The absence of chemicals makes organic foods healthier because they are better assimilated by the body, improve defenses and help prevent diseases.

  • Natural production is maintained and only produced in season.

The process of making an organic food is much slower and will not alter natural cycles

It also contributes to the development of the regions and environments where they are produced, supporting responsible consumption and social development.

Organic farming respects flora and fauna because it uses fewer aerosols and does not generate pollution.

  • They taste better. 

The process of elaboration of the products of the organic food is artisanal, so they retain all their natural flavor and their properties and the authentic flavor of the food is recovered.

  • They ensure the highest quality. 

European legislation guarantees that organic food is controlled at all stages: processing, packaging, labelling, etc., so the highest quality of each product is ensured.

  • It frees production environments from pollution.

By not using chemicals or fertilizers, the environments are not polluted and the environment is preserved and cared for.

  • Animal welfare

Respecting the environment and the non-use of chemical substances or preservatives achieves animal welfare

The regulations ensure that the animals live in semi-freedom, that they do not have stress and that they grow at their normal pace and in suitable conditions and the animals are not handled to achieve greater production.

  • Promote sustainable development

Thanks to this new model of consumption and production we are promoting the sustainable development of our planet.

Respect for the environment is one of the requirements of organic food. When we consume foods of this type, we contribute to the conservation of the natural environment that surrounds us.

Article based on articles published on the websites of EACUR.ORG and OXFAM.ORG (Advantages of consuming organic food)

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