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Linverd wants to be one of the first organic supermarkets without plastic packaging in Barcelona. The first supermarket where the consumer can enjoy shopping with a clear conscience and helping to renew our planet.

This project was born out of the discontent of a family tired of  the daily consumption of packaging that pollutes, the complication I would say is being able to recycle and the amount of food that is thrown away because the package is too big. The Spanish alone collected 19.9 million tons of waste in 2017.

The trend for organic food without packaging is on the rise, at the moment there are very few supermarkets in the world where they provide these services to the consumer and where you can enjoy bulk products, without packaging and organic products.  ;People are more informed about the problems that plastic affects the world and its consequences are already beginning to be visible and for this reason we must facilitate a responsible future for the consumer.

Linverd wants to give this opportunity to consumers, where they feel more comfortable with daily shopping and consuming a quality product, healthy and committed to the environment.

Linverd wants to give this opportunity to the consumer, where he feels more comfortable with daily shopping and consuming a quality product, healthy and committed to the environment.

Can any food product be obtained organically?

Most foods have developed regulations that specify the conditions under which organic food must be produced and processed. So we can find any fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, milk and any other animal production, honey, wines, oil, nuts, pre-cooked, frozen dishes, etc., all of organic production.

It is true that there may be certain types of food that are more difficult to obtain and therefore less present in the market. We hope that the already extensive supply of organic food will be ever wider and more accessible.

Can organic food only be sold in certain stores?

There is no restriction on the types of businesses that can sell organic products. The CCPAE does give the option to those businesses that want to differentiate themselves from registering in a register of Recommended Retail Establishments. The CCPAE checks these establishments and publishes a Directory Guide where they are related. Information on how to be a Recommended Store can be found on the CCPAE website.

Do all organic foods have a badge that identifies them as such?

The label of the organic food packaging must bear the seal of the entity certifying it as organic. It should be very clear that no food can be labeled or advertised as organic if it is not certified and has the appropriate seal. This is the case for product labels that are on the market or have the seals of several certifiers.

It should be clear that having more stamps does not mean it is greener. That if you must have at least one valid. On the CCPAE website ( ) you can find the different types of stamps you can find in the organic products and the certification body that corresponds to each one.

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