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Catalan Craft Beer

The Culture of Good Beer

An honest, authentic and high quality beer. From the craft tradition a small universe is created with the maximum volume of styles and possible ingredients.

Catalan craft beers made with ingredients from organic farming.

Made in a traditional way in Lluçanès this cerveza with the majority of ingredients of ecological culture elaborated with methods and differential characteristics, to print nuestro sello personalizado.

They cook with biomass, so that the cerveza recycles a personalized tratamiento. There are no acelerantes of macerado or chemical products to anchor fermentation. Nor do I colorantes, stabilizantes or preservatives. It is not pasterizada nor is artificial carbonation carried out.

Por eso is a product vivo y lleno en matices that evolves in time.

Made with ingredients of maximum calidad to achieve the aromas and flavors of a unique product.

Cerveza En

Worked collaboratively with local wheat producers, recovered from an old seed, as well as hops from the territory.

Catalan Craft Beer

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