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The Secret of Linverd


I am Esteve Domènech and in this video I will tell you the secret of Linverd, because our clients love us and want to be part of our project.

Customers who know me, who are the majority, know that it is LINVERD! but I wish more people could have the opportunity to be part of LINVERD, but first of all I will summarize how we got here and why hundreds of customers trust us. It is important that you pay close attention because no one in the healthy eating sector, can explain to you what you have and I will explain now. 

LINVERD began three years ago with ecological baskets online, with product direct to the final consumer doing the best we knew, transparent product and product with respect for nature.

We were doing well, we were only two people, but we realized at the end of 2020 that what we wanted was to be able to offer the ecological and real, transparent product to thousands of people who want it and need it for their good and the planet.

We want to share with many more people our way of seeing life, organic product, proximity and, above all, being transparent.

We want to show, for example, who brings us the tomato now in summer, which is Pep or also my neighbor, Joan, who sometimes brings us figs or grapes, or this summer that we have had the gazpacho from Ramón de Lleida, which, apart from me also has the best legumes in Catalonia.

These are examples of why we are here and what we want to offer LINVERD: product traceability and knowing how to listen to our customer, which is the most important thing.

If you join LINVERD, you will get all this and more products, without chemicals, healthy for you and local, and helps the regeneration of the planet and creates an economy around you and not depend on products produced from outside. 

Well, you already know us. 

I wish you could also be part of LINVERD and that we can walk together.

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