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You need help?

They say DO NOT explain this to you

My friends and family have begged me NOT to exaggerate this, but I can’t shut up.

I recommend that you read it until the end

What happened NOBODY expected it and few people noticed

(I didn’t believe it at first)

And I think you’re especially interested in knowing

It goes from the Organic Product scam, (the famous stores that claim to be organic), at first I wasn’t going to say anything about it and move on with my life… but I have never been silent

and this will not be the first time 😉

It’s serious.

It affects people in general, people with diseases, everyone!

Just because of Linverd’s privileged position, I have a responsibility to explain this to you no matter what happens, so pay attention.

At the beginning of this year I began to see that several Supers were announcing that they were an organic supermarket on the internet and it seemed rare since their roots had never been and they had impossible offers according to one of the principles of organic product, a worthy life for the “farmer”

But good, I said, how good that more supermarkets want to offer products without chemicals…

So far everything is normal… perfect

What we have realized is that it was a scam, and we have been right.

And if the cheap comes out expensive, NO ONE when you count the reality of the matter wants to buy more in these places.


And knowing everything now… no wonder at all.

I’m actually glad

I’m glad consumers realize these things.

People aren’t stupid.

(And if anyone thinks they can still cheat on these things, I’ve been fooled of course)

Luckily, today we can see reality in a crystal clear way…

No one with 2 fingers in front thinks that a supermarket with roots contrary to organic is going to sell you organic now for the same thing.

(and whoever thinks about it, it’s ready…)

What things have they told us and what have we discovered in these weeks?

Some customers had told us that they saw on the internet advertisements of companies that said they were organic supermarkets when they had never been

We started investigating and saw that they were FAKE ads and that they wanted to get veins by deceiving people.

And this is very serious, as it can affect people’s health…, outraged at myself for being the first blind person!

It’s amazing how they pretend to trick people into earning more and despising organic products.

That is why the union of Farmers denounced a company well known for tod@s for advertising itself as organic and not being so! IT’S TIME FOR SOMEONE TO DO IT. THANK YOU!!

Think of it this way:

Does it make sense for them to offer you organic for the same price and without showing the corresponding certification, Catalan or European?


Does it make sense for you to be part of LINVERD and have a security in which we bandage?


In short…

That makes me very angry…

I worry about my clients and my company, of course…

But also from the organic product sector, because I love it!

and hey organic sector is doing well, my company and I are angered well.

My final thought is as follows:

Do not create what you see advertised, certify that they have the corresponding stamps to be able to say that they are ecological.

We are in favor of hard work and helping the client who has the same values as us.

Like these:

Reseñas Google

they made the decision to take the reins of their future understanding that it depends on them

But the first thing they did…

you have it at your disposal


The team and I are part of this project, and we are happy to help you with whatever you need and be part of your life so that you can achieve a healthy diet for you, for your loved ones and for the planet.


As always, you have 2 options:

Continue shopping without looking, improvising, eating anything without knowing where it comes from and what it brings, that everything is packaged in plastic and close our eyes when we throw it in the container …

Spoiler: “things don’t solve themselves”

Or take the step and fight to have a healthy and responsible diet.

Your time is limited and you must direct it in the right direction.

If you have reached the end of this email, you cannot miss this.

It will be great that you help us grow, bring your experience and make MORE add to RESPONSIBLE consumption, ECOLOGICAL consumption, LINVERD!!

And remember:

Time flies, but yours is the one who pilots.

See you soon, LINVERD customers already know that it is true 😉



Firma Esteban

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