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Integrative Naturopathy Service

Naturopathy is the science that studies the properties and applications of natural elements (vegetables, water, sun, earth and air) in order to maintain and/or recover health.

The principles of naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine around 400 BC. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed in looking at the whole person to find the cause of illness and use the laws of nature to induce healing. Naturopathy takes its principles from this original school of thought.

Naturopathy is based on the vital capacity of the organism to regenerate itself, and seeks the cause of the origin of the disease. Mainly, it tries to stimulate the self-healing and recovery capacities of each person, taking care of their diet, eliminating toxins and stimulating the immune system.

Naturopathy is included in the field of Alternative Medicine and is applied when there is a previous medical diagnosis. It is designed to complement and support traditional medicine through:

Que es la Naturopatia
  • The healing power of nature – nature has the innate ability to heal
  • Identify and treat the cause – there is always an underlying cause, be it physical or emotional
  • Do no harm – naturopathy will never use treatments that can create other ailments
  • Treat the whole person – when preparing a treatment plan, all aspects of the person are considered

What is Integrative Naturopathy?

Integrative Naturopathy conceives the human being as a being “integrated” by different planes: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and therefore the treatments affect all these planes even if they are mainly directed at one of them.

They are based on the use of elements that come from nature: plants, minerals, trace elements, food, earth, water, sun, air, etc. addressing the human being as a whole, not just the specific symptoms, with which the response to treatment is also more effective and lasting over time.

The objective is to re-educate and correct habits for a healthy life through diet, physical and mental exercise and achieve a balance as a whole.

We help you correct bad habits through diet, physical and mental exercise so that you can lead a 100% healthy life.

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Naturopathy Service

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