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Award for the best organic supermarket of 2023

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Online organic supermarket

Linverd, Organic Supermarket is the best option if you are looking for organic products online.

Our offer includes a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables, beverages, preserves, sauces, pasta, legumes, organic seeds, all without plastic packaging.

Obviously, the differences are remarkable and there are numerous studies that show that organic foods are healthier than conventional ones.

A 1940 New Zealand study showing that after two years of organic feeding in the school cafeteria, better dental health, greater resistance to bone fractures, and a lower incidence of colds were observed among schoolchildren. From bananas, lemons, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers and more, we’re here to make sure you find it all, every item you’re looking for for healthier eating. You are sure to find fresh, quality produce that is grown locally.

In addition, Linverd is the first supermarket in Catalonia dedicated to a lifestyle without waste, without plastic packaging and with ecological, natural and sustainable products. By buying in our supermarket, you are contributing to help keep our landfills free of plastic bags and prevent marine fauna from eating these plastics.

If you want to take care of yourself and help the planet, look no further, at Linverd all our products are ecological and without plastic packaging.

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