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Raise Your Defenses with a Shot

Interview with Katerina Froof, a window into her world of innovation and health. Katerina defines herself as an entrepreneur committed to improving people’s health.

Their project, a probiotic in the form of a shot of unpasteurized ginger and turmeric, has proven effective in strengthening defenses and improving overall well-being.

The key to her product lies in its effectiveness despite its compact size, and Katerina highlights the benefits it brings to those who incorporate it into their daily lives.

The selected ingredients, ginger and turmeric, are supported by studies that show their beneficial properties, even comparable or superior to those of conventional medicines.

For those skeptics who have never tried a probiotic, Katerina encourages them to give it a try, highlighting how it can transform their lives.

Highlight her love for ferments and confess that she follows a daily discipline to stay connected with her project, because for her, happiness lies in seeing how her work helps others.

For her, creating something so meaningful is a dream come true, and she envisions herself expanding her project in the coming years. Perseverance and enjoyment of the process are fundamental to her, more so than the end result.

For Katerina, happiness is finding a purpose that transcends the personal, and her commitment to her project is proof of that.

This interview with Katerina Froof reveals not only her passion for probiotics, but also her dedication to creating a positive impact on society.

Raise Your Defenses with a Shot

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