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Award for the best organic supermarket of 2023

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Interview on ETV by Eduard Berraondo to Esteve Domenech

Eduard Berraondo

We are still here and energized with the third of our guests in this edition of the program. In the summary I told you that three years ago a company was born that theoretically is like the first supermarket, one hundred percent organic and sustainable that exists in Catalonia. Then I want to ask its co-founder if this is really true, that is, you are the first super echo in Catalonia.

Esteve Domenech

Linverd is ecological, transparent, conscious and sustainable, which means this, try to minimize the impact of plastic, we seek to avoid, within the possibilities, plastic, especially in terms of bulk legumes, cereals, honey, everything that can be in bulk. We try and encourage the client to do it too,….

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