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Organic Mediterranean Diet and Healthy Habits for Alzheimer’s Prevention

The advantages of the organic Mediterranean diet diet and healthy habits for Alzheimer’s preventionAlzheimer

How to incorporate into your day to day life habits that favor the health of your brain?

The World Health Organization published lifestyle-related recommendations based on scientific evidence to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Healthy habits such as practicing physical exercise, not smoking, avoiding overweight, eating a balanced diet and controlling cardiovascular risk factors, among others, are included.

By modifying our lifestyle habits towards healthier ones, we will be influencing both our cardiovascular and brain health.

It is therefore in our hands to act to reduce the likelihood of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease manifesting.

How can we do it?

Controlling vascular risk factors
Changing our habits
Incorporate physical activity into our daily lives

Experts agree that practicing a sport can help us gain strength, agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance

Another benefit of physical exercise is that it is a great opportunity to interact with other people.

Any physical activity that is attractive to us and that fits our personal and medical conditions will bring us benefits. 

Generally, experts recommend dedicating at least two and a half hours a week to moderate physical activity.

Before starting with any activity, it is advisable to take into account the following: 

Choose an activity that motivates us. 

  • Start progressively. 
  • Adapt the exercise to our needs. 
  • Hydrate: It is important to drink water during physical activity to maintain body hydration. 
  • Protect ourselves from the sun and avoid the hottest hours
Adopt the healthy and balanced organic diet:

Without having to resort to complicated preparations, the Mediterranean organic diet is healthy, varied and balanced, and allows the preparation of tasty dishes. 

How to correctly apply the keys to the Mediterranean diet? 

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil. They say liquid gold and it is, without a doubt, the true treasure of the Mediterranean diet, both for the taste and for the properties. It can be used both in salads, raw, and for cooking, as the main fat. 
  • Fresh and organic food. It is important to consume seasonal foods, which are as fresh as possible and that are poorly processed.
  • Organic vegetables, in abundance. It is recommended to eat two servings of vegetables a day (one of them, raw, in salad, for example), three daily servings of fruit, legumes (3 or 4 times a week) and nuts (3 to 7 times a week). 
  • Organic bread and cereals, Its daily consumption is recommended, for its energy contribution, and preferably wholemeal. 
  • Milk and organic derivatives . We should consume dairy products daily, such as milk, yogurts and cheese, although whenever possible they should be low-fat, skimmed or semi-skimmed.
  • Organic fish, another essential. It is recommended to consume it 3 times a week, always trying to make one oily fish. 
  • Instead, red and processed meats should be consumed in moderation, as an excess of animal fats is unhealthy. It is recommended to consume the lean part, without skin and eliminating visible fat, and always integrate it into dishes with vegetables or cereals.
  • Water as a source of life, using only glass containers, 🙂
  • Minimize the consumption of salt and fats, alcoholic beverages, semi-cured and cured cheeses, fried and battered.
Maintain cognitive activity:

In general, any activity that motivates us and challenges our mind will be enriching at a cognitive level, from reading, learning a new language or a new skill.

Caring for social relationships

Social bonds have a very positive influence on our well-being and favor the vitality of our mind.


By following all these tips, we will be able to strengthen our health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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