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Award for the best organic supermarket of 2023

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Award for a healthy, close, transparent and more conscious purchase

Linverd, one of the first organic, proximity supermarkets without plastic packaging, has been awarded at the Eco & Organic RETAIL Awards in the category of Best Specialized BIO Store. We spoke with its Co-founder, Esteve Doménech.

Healthy, close, transparent and more conscious shopping

How have you received the recognition as Best Specialized BIO Store?

This has been a very celebrated recognition by all the team, suppliers and customers that we make this project possible and we want a healthy, transparent and real food for every day. For Linverd, this recognition has been a motivating boost that gives strength to the team and hope customers for a healthier and more conscious purchase. This award belongs to all of us.

Why in Linverd “the future is already present”?

We are looking for a healthy, close, transparent and more conscious purchase for the planet. We believe that it is an important time of reflection and changes in consumption, people are more aware of the need for real but real change. Far from fake green marketing campaigns , we seek to make a direct relationship with the client where the priority is him and his needs, seeking to continue with the philosophy of Linverd.

The traceability and transparency of our product and producer makes it a real project. Every day more people join our initiative and we see that now is the time to make this change, a necessary change.

“Our vision is clear: to offer customers a toxic-free, healthy and conscious purchase”

What is Linverd’s vision? What is its differentiating element?

Linverd’s vision is clear: to propose to the customer a toxic-free, healthy and conscious purchase. Above all, a clear and strong commitment to minimize the impact of plastic on consumption, which is why we propose and encourage bulk purchase. We also have packaging but to meet the need for intolerances and allergens and avoid contamination in the product.

The differentiating element is clear and people, customers, followers, see it. Philosophy of real, transparent purchase with value to the healthy product and responsible with the environment.

«In Linverd we want to make a transition to the reduction of real and effective plastic, helping within the possibilities»

And we don’t just say it, we teach it every day. Thanks to social networks, we can demonstrate the reality of what we say, without hiding who we are and what we want to convey. This value makes a difference with others. The value of knowing the customer and giving them the importance they deserve for responsible and healthy consumption.

Are we aware of the amount of plastics we generate?

In this sense, fortunately, there is more and more awareness, but there is still a long way to go, for us and for the consumer. Consumption with plastic is a real problem and very visible at the moment. The planet needs a change, but we understand that it is not easy and a transition and education are needed, especially from public bodies.

Educating from an early age to try, within possibilities, to avoid plastic is very important. As a child I was taught how to recycle well, but nobody said ‘try not to generate waste’, let alone plastic. Luckily, we see that the trend is changing, but there is still a lot to do and we have to make it easy, that’s why we are here.

On the other hand, there is also a real deficiency for some products that are complex to eliminate plastic, such as gluten-free or refrigerated products… This is difficult nowadays, but little by little we have to achieve more sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging. In this there is much to be done…

“We make it easy for everyone to enjoy this type of purchase”

In short, at Linverd we want to make a transition to the change from reduction to real and effective plastic, helping within the possibilities to reduce it.

What are Linverd’s future plans?

Keep going, achieve stability and grow to reach more people around us. Every day that passes more people from each neighborhood of the city join, thanks to a comparison of transport with electric bikes we can reach the entire city of Barcelona on the same day. This brings in more people who want to make this change, but in their neighborhood it is not possible. We make it easy for everyone to enjoy these types of purchase.

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