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Enjoy a delicious cup of organic coffee with an Italian coffee maker

The Italian coffee maker is a very consistent way to brew coffee, and best of all, it’s easy to use for beginners in the organic coffee world.

What do you need to make coffee with the Italian coffee maker? First, it is important to note that the size of the coffee maker is a key variable. 

For the coffee maker with a capacity of 200ml – 225ml of water look for a ratio of approximately 1g of coffee per 10ml of water to obtain the desired flavor and intensity.

The preparation process is simple. 

  • Start by boiling 200ml – 225ml of water in a separate teapot to maintain consistency and speed. 
  • While you wait, grind 17g -20g of fine coffee and place the coffee canastra in the coffee maker. 
  • Pour the hot water into the base of the coffee maker and place the canastra full of coffee. 
  • Very carefully screw the top of the coffee maker and place it at the middle/low level with the lid open. 
  • Once the coffee begins to flow, reduce the temperature of your stove to avoid bitterness.

Enjoy a cup of organic and delicious coffee at home.

Remember to use high-quality organic coffee for an even more sustainable and satisfying experience.

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