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Fermented Foods, Health & Wellness

The interview with Carla offers us a deep and enriching insight into the world of ferments and their growing popularity.

Through his words, we have been able to better understand both the benefits and the exciting process behind these products, CON ESTO FUNCIONA Esteve Doménech

  • Definition and Benefits of Ferments: Carla explained that ferments are foods transformed by microorganisms, which not only preserves them, but also enhances their nutritional benefits. This process improves digestion and nutrient absorption, making ferments a healthy and natural choice for our diet.
  • Origins and Inspiration: The history of ferments dates back to ancient times, mainly used for food preservation. Inspired by these traditional methods and their positive effects on health, Carla decided to venture into creating her own fermented products.
  • Featured Products: Kimchi and ginger beer stand out for their unique properties and market acceptance, kimchi, known to be one of the healthiest foods in the world, provides a wealth of nutritional benefits and is an excellent introduction to the world of ferments. On the other hand, ginger beer is popular for its refreshing taste and digestive properties, making it a healthy alternative to alcoholic beverages.
  • Future of Ferments: Carla is optimistic about the future of ferments and believes that as more people discover their benefits, these products will become commonplace in many households. Education and the dissemination of information about the advantages of ferments will be key to their mass adoption.

In short, the interview with Carla de has not only enlightened us about the wonderful benefits of fermented foods: health and wellness.

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