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July, the month without plastic

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July, the month without plastic: Make the challenge

In July, the Plastic Free July movement is activated.

In 2011 The Plastic Free July®  was founded with Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and in 2020 it published the plastic impact report

Plastic Free July consists of living throughout the month of July rejecting plastic, which implies, avoiding the maximum purchase of single-use plastic packaging.

Plastic Free July provides resources and ideas to help you (and millions of others around the world) reduce single-use plastic waste every day at home, at work, at school and even in your local café.

The movement has inspired some 326 million participants in 177 countries. Making a small change collectively will make a big difference to our communities. You can choose to reject single-use plastics in July (and beyond!). Best of all, being part of Plastic Free July will help you find good alternatives that can become new habits forever.

How can we help?:

The idea is to avoid this month the plastic to use and throw like enveloping and plastic containers, utensils such as vessels, plates and cutlery, plastic bags, etc.

Use the cloth bag to buy, lunch box, bee wax wrappers

Whenever you go shopping carry a cloth bag, plastic bags are one of the great environmental scourges. They pollute the sea, the land, and poison the marine animals that confuse them with food.

  • DO NOT > Lightweight plastic bags

Use a reusable lunch box to store food, store them in containers or use bee wax wrappers

  • DO NOT > Wrap the sandwiches in plastic 

Prioritize glass container rather than plastic

For your health, don’t use plastic packaging, even if it doesn’t seem to contaminate your body.
It is better to buy the food, drink in glass containers, ah!! and in cosmetics products.
He also thinks that the container can be reused later for other uses, or recycled.
Reject plastic straws (opt for a paper straw if they have one)

  • DO NOT > Drink or takeaway straws

Bring a reusable cup or a real cup

  • NO> Takeaway coffee cups

Buy in Bulk

The best option is to buy in bulk, use your own reusable packaging (bottles, tuppers, cloth bags, …).  

Reduction of packaging and bags.
Support for local commerce.
Promotes responsible consumption.
Avoid wasting food.
Economic and cost savings.
Bulk stores reduce their carbon footprint.
Food quality.
More varied diet.

  • DO NOT > Products packed in plastic bags

Natural food

Buy fresh fruit and vegetables, and if it can be every day

  • DO NOT > Previously packed fruits and vegetables

Buy at the delicatessen, butcher’s or fishmonger’s shop for cuts wrapped in paper or reusable container

  • DO NOT > Pre-packed meat or fish

Natural soft drinks such as Kombucha or Natural juice, reduce soda soft drinks to the maximum

  • DO NOT > Soft drinks of soda bottled in plastic


Fill the bin with plastics to ‘recycle’ it

  • DO NOT > Garbage Bag (‘reuse’ plastic bags)

Keep a container closed for ‘wet’ remains and make compost or freeze until the day of the bin. 

Remove cigarette butts in the bin (they are made of plastic and washed around the ocean)


Linverd wants to help you, we are working to support you in each of the challenges.

Sign up Plastic Free July®

Are you ready to make the July challenge without plastic?.
Weekly tips and tricks during the month of July help you stay motivated during the challenge.
Enjoy reading stories from our participants Plastic Free July and other news of the movement

Small shares generate big changes.

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