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Healthy tips for your Eco Christmas

One more year and without realizing it we already have the Christmas holidays here.

We write down some culinary TIPS to enjoy good food and gastronomy in a healthier way.

In order not to reach the appetizer or sit at the table hungry, you can drink a cup of hot broth, a glass of well-seasoned tomato juice or have an apple before starting meals.

Already at the party

  • Create fish-based starters: raw or boiled seafood, ham, seafood salad, pickled fish, smoked salmon (without butter)
    • Ideal to prepare it in cubes, macerated with a little dill, lemon and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.
    • Fish are much less caloric than foies, sausages or cheeses.
  • First courses, choose pasta soups, seafood creams (without adding much cream), warm asparagus (canned, and with a little mayonnaiselight and 2 minutes in the microwave, they are delicious) or salads combining raw elements, vegetables and fruits.
    • Yogurt-based dressings (0%) with mustard, aromatic herbs and currant vinegar.
    • Create vegetable-based garnishes, and liquid preparations (broths, juices or creams) to fill yourself up and limit the portion of the second course, 🙂
  • Second courses If possible, bet on fish or white meat, such as turkey or guinea fowl.
    • Better without skin and controlling the amount of filling.
  • Desserts, opt for a piece of nougat and a generous portion of piña or natural macedonia, consumed at the end of the fiesta.
  • Drinking water,You have to always have water on the table, avoiding drinking more soft drinks, wine, beer, etc., which do not quench your thirst and you will burn more calories.
    • Present the water in a beautiful jug, with ice cubes and a few slices of lemon, orange or a few mint leaves, giving it visual importance at the table.
    • Change traditional soft drinks for Kombucha
    • Wine, take the opportunity to taste the wine 0%

Enjoy this Christmas without excesses


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