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Organic Fresh Pasta, the best of Italian gastronomy

We present the best organic fresh pasta, made in Castelldefels following the best Italian recipes.

Healthy Italianfood Linverd 1

Healthy ItalianFood is the philosophy of this pasta “healthy Italian food”, which is achieved by applying a selection of top quality products, organic, biological, and a careful care in the development of flour mixtures for the preparation of fresh pasta.

At the same time we offer this gluten-free pasta, because we believe that it is not necessary to use it in pasta, gluten is used to give elasticity and fluffiness to the doughs, but it does not have an optimal nutritional value.

With this pasta we offer you an even healthier option, fresh gluten-free pasta made by hand, only with real and unprocessed foods, a product of the highest quality that follows the traditional Italian recipe with organic gluten-free flours, in this way a completely unique quality and organoleptic characteristics are achieved.

Gluten Free Pasta

Dairy-free  pasta

Does not contain CORN

✅ It is made with ECO flours and free-range eggs

✅ It is made only with natural ingredients

Pasta Caracteriticas No Gluten No Lactosa Eco

Now that we have the best pasta they teach you how we have to boil the pasta correctly, which is almost as important as the quality of the pasta.

Follow the steps below and enjoy a pasta dish at the height of a vero Italian!

1- It is important that the pot is big enough and HIGH! for the correct cooking of the pasta, it has to float.

2- The amount of water is also very important, the perfect ratio is 1L per 100gr of pasta.

In addition, the fat salt (which contains more sodium) when diluted in water, helps the paste to absorb the salt evenly while it is cooked.

3- Keep at least a small amount of water, it can be very useful, for example, if the sauce is a little dry, because you can add more water with all the flavors of the pasta to get a richer sauce.

4- The oil floats, remains on the surface and does not come into contact with the paste and being lubricant will also prevent the pasta from linking well with the sauce that we are going to throw later.

5- The starch of the pasta is one of our best friends when it comes to preparing it.

If we wash it we lose that unctuousness that will make the sauce stick to the surface.

In addition the pasta should be eaten al dente, so we should prepare the sauce while boiling the pasta and mix it immediately!

If you follow these tips, every pasta dish will be perfect.

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