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The evolution of Superfoods : SUPER FERMENTED

If a Superfood is already known for its high nutritional contributions, vitamins and minerals… A symbiotically fermented superfood is the activation of the properties of the food, improving its bioavailability, and multiplying its medicinal effects thanks to the mixture of bacterial strains in symbiosis.

But… What is symbiotic fermentation?
It is an ancestral and natural process of plant fermentation, composed of a multitude of bacteria and yeasts that live in symbiosis grouping together
in a polysaccharide matrix. They transform sugars into acetic acid, propionic, lactic L+, ethanol and CO₂. It releases the assets of plants, cereals, fruits or vegetables, increases the bioavailability of nutrients and minerals, produces vitamin B (B6,B9 B12 and K).
Its main function is to balance the intestinal microbiota, strengthening the immune system thanks to the production of polysaccharides.

How is it fermented?
For a ferment called KEKOM, composed of kefir grains and kombucha Scooby containing: lacto bacteria (Lactobacillus kefir,Lactobacillus dairy, Lactococcus sp, Leuconos-tocs) acetic bacteria (Acetobacter, Glucono-bacter) and yeasts (Kluyveromyces marxianus,Zygosaccharomyces kombuchaensis).

What is the difference with lactofermentation?
Lactofermentation is produced by lactic bacteria that transform sugars into lactic acid (homofermentation), ethanol and CO₂ (heterofermentation).
Its main function is the conservation of food and improve the bioavailability of nutrients contained in milk, fruits, vegetables or cereals. It can acidify the body in the case of overconsumption, due to L+D.

Our gut naturally has a symbiotic fermentation process, therefore the most extraordinary thing about this is that by feeding it with symbiotic bacteria, it improves absorption, generating a dynamic and beneficial ecosystem that allows the improvement of integral, bioactive and highly absorbable foods. Making it possible for the body to recognize it intuitively and getting the most out of it.

The next generation of probiotics will be symbiotically fermented strains.

It is a complete digestive solution since unlike probiotics, they are prebiotics, probiotics, post-biotics, enzymes and nutrients to ensure a healthy ecosystem.


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