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Slow Food and Regenerating Action

Slow food emerged in 1986 with the original purpose of protecting regional traditions, healthy eating, gastronomic enjoyment and a leisurely lifestyle.
Currently, this movement has expanded globally, involving thousands of people and projects in more than 160 countries. and presentation Slow Food 2022

Slow Food has enormous benefits for our health:

  • Reduced risk of food allergies.
  • Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.
  • Maintaining a balanced and healthy weight.
  • Decreased danger of developing chronic diseases.

Regenerating Action:

Slow Food
  • Help restore our ecosystems, our communities and your own health, wherever you live!, through food.
  • We all have to eat, of course, and the way we produce and consume our food has a huge impact on the world around us.
  • Change the way we MENJEM.
  • LEARN about sustainable food.
  • ACTING to improve food systems are the most effective ways to create positive change: regeneration.

Download the Toolkit to change the way we EAT, LEARN about sustainable food and ACT to improve food systems are the most effective ways to create positive change: regeneration.

Since its origins in Linverd it lays for organic, free of pesticides and toxic herbicides, always cultivated respecting the environment and biodiversity.

In Linverd, we take seriously the origin of our products, whenever possible we work with local and trusted farmers who share our passion for healthy and sustainable food.
We are committed to organic farming and fair trade, which means we pay a fair price for the products and help maintain the local economy.

In addition, at Linverd, we care about environmental impact and support the use of packaging and recyclable materials and reduce waste and CO₂ emissions in our electric vehicle shipping process.

With all this we want to support Slow Food with organic and high quality products that promote health, sustainability and connection with our natural environment.

Are you up for it? Slow Food and Regenerating Action, a philosophy of life that can benefit everyone, by applying its principles, you can enjoy a healthier and more conscious diet, valuing the flavors and quality of food. In addition, by choosing local and seasonal products, you will be supporting farmers and producers in your community. And not only that!

It consumes ecological and local products and contributes to the protection of the environment and the reduction of CO₂ emissions.
So don’t wait any longer, join the Slow Food movement and start enjoying its benefits!

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