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Spinach and hummus cannelloni

A vegetarian option for these dates is a complete plate of gluten-free spinach cannelloni with hummus.

An innovative recipe that we have prepared this year so that you leave all your guests with their mouths open for its different flavors and delicate textures.

Not only is it a round meal at the taste level, but it also has the protein content of chickpeas and, in addition, all the beneficial properties of spinach for our body are added.

The gluten-free cannelloni with spinach can be served with any type of white sauce.

Tip: Adding truffle can be a guaranteed success in terms of aroma and flavor.

A bit of history :

Although the origin of cannelloni is relatively recent, its enormous versatility and delicious flavor have quickly made it a classic in cuisine all over the world. Cannelloni are a festive dish that tastes of tradition and is one of the first recipes that comes to mind when we remember the delicious meals at grandma’s house.

In Spain, cannelloni spread thanks to Catalan cuisine.

It is said that this recipe reached the families of the Barcelona bourgeoisie at the hands of Italian chefs. The Catalans quickly included it in their recipe book until it became a traditional dish, although with some modifications. In fact, it was common to fill the cannelloni with the meat that was left over from the Christmas dinner, the pot meat.

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