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Fresas Marruecos

Health alert “Strawberries from Morocco”

Linverd surprises us how this can happen: March 06, 2024 “The community portal RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) has alerted the presence of hepatitis A in strawberries from Morocco in Spain. The notification issued qualifies the presence of this virus as a serious risk, as it exceeds the “maximum permitted level of absence/25 g”. Spain is one of the main producers of fruit and vegetables in Europe, both in traditional and organic agriculture, with very demanding sanitary and traceability controls. Unfortunately we see how every day there are known cases of illegal exports from other countries without …

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Dia Mundial Medi Ambient

World Environment Day!

Today, June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day, a date dedicated to raising awareness and promoting actions in favor of our natural environment. In a world where the …

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