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Como Como Foods, you’re what you eat

Comocomofoods Equipo
Marc Vergés | Núria Coll | Laura Garcia

Como Como Foods · Organic foods that add up to health

We introduce you to three healthy eating enthusiasts who have decided to take the step to help many more people add health to their daily dishes.

· 100% organic and gluten-free healthy ingredients , all certified.

· Ingredients with traceability, knowing their origin and without toxic substances, additives or unhealthy preservatives.

· Ingredients with nutritional properties that have great scientific evidence behind them

· The containers are made of glass and cardboard – the two most harmless materials for health – and inside they are made of materials of plant origin, without plastics or toxic substances.

Como Como Foods: The normal is the natural
Summa salud in your dishes every day

100% organic products

We take care of your health with organic food free of toxics and additives


None of the recipes contain sugars or artificial sweeteners

Sustainable and responsible

Toxic-free, reusable and totally recyclable packaging.

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